As the end of 2021 draws near, we start to see recaps of all those who’ve had a great year. When it comes to the OTT streaming industry, these past 12 months have been decisive. OTT is now a global proposition, as the Covid-19 pandemic has positively impacted its growth due to increased internet penetration and a personalized experience offering for established and up-and-coming markets. The OTT streaming industry is now expected to grow 19% annually until 2026.

Therefore, competition in this industry is growing. Streaming Media has looked into some interesting online video tech companies, and five OTT streaming ones came up. This industry is generating innovative companies all over the world: 

  1. Digital Element

The London-based company relies on its IP geolocation services, which are perfectly suited to license and advertise video content within national borders. 

  1. Float Left

The company powers more than 450 apps on 10 different OTT platforms, which makes it one of the best in terms of user experience innovations. It is based in the U.S.

  1. TAG Video Systems

Built in the Israeli tech ecosystem, TAG’s software-platform allow to monitor quality of service (QoS) both for OTTs and mainstream customers, including NBC, BBC, and HBO.


The Canadian company focuses on three categories—VOD Monitor, Live Monitor, and Video Quality Dial—to allow video optimization and quality assurance tools for OTT and broadcast and cable.

  1. LTN Global

It acquired Make.TV in late 2019. Since then, this American company has expanded its portfolio to bridge the gap between streaming and broadcast. It also focuses on social streaming.

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