Re-enginered, truly time-synched, OTT live streaming free of downtime

We fixed the problem from the source

streaming today relies on traditional Ott media players for
distribution attributing to constant lag and crashing,
connect in turn, solves distribution directly from the source

Endless engagement possibilites

We’ve created a solution that enables Complex engagement experiences

Monetization through tvod, SVOD, and Advertising

Our platform not only enables you to enable user and sponsor interaction, but to activate and monetize through transactional video on demand, subscription video on demand, and advertising modules.

Our state-of-the-art smart encoder

Up to 8 camera angles in a single digital time-synchronized feed

Employing a next level low latency technology live multi-angle content can be streamed to consumers globally in HD in less than 4 seconds. This technology allows for profesional to easily search for, and analyze content across properties and seasons, and for fans to interact and create user-generated content on the fly.

Never miss a single second
with self-healing video

Utilizing self-healing technology, video remains time synchronized even if there is a temporary break in internet connectivity.

Easy access for any amount
of stakeholders anywhere on earth

Stakeholders working in-stadium or
remotely can access all live
streaming camera angles and
interact with their content.

Compatibility and ease
of deployment

The smart encoder can be rack-mounted into the stadium or directly into the OB Van, accepting HD-SDI feeds, with a Fiber SFP connector to feed the Video Streams into the stadium.

Unbreakable live streaming within your reach

A reliable & Simple live streaming infrastructure solution
that can be deployed anywhere in the world

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