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Your MyRun M06-NFC Timing Pod is designed to read MyRun Timing Straps worn by runners.|When the runner brings their strap into close contact with the MyRun M06-NFC Timing Pod, the strap is identified and the time is saved to the Pod. The Pod has a built in cellular modem which connects automatically on start-up to the MyRun server and sends timing data.|When the timing data is received by MyRun, the results are calculated in real-time and displayed on the MyRun website and results app.|Deployment is simple and designed to be easy for event operators to use. All you need to do is mount the MyRun M06-NFC unit to its stand, position it at the finish line, turn it on and within a few seconds it is ready to scan MyRun Timing Straps. You can deploy multiple timing Pods to a finish line to cater for larger events.|There is an App which you can download to your phone and use to assign straps to MyRun participants during registration, set race start times and even use it to time participants.

The MyRun Timing System

What is it?
The MyRun timing system is a portable “drop and go” timing system for MyRun events.
It’s designed to scan timing wrist bands worn by runners and generate results automatically that are displayed on the MyRun website and in the Mobii Results App in real time.
All you need to do is assemble the timing pod and place it on the finish line.
There is a mobile app supplied as part of the system, you can use this app to effortlessly link timing bands to runners as well as view/manage the race start time.
We hope you enjoy using the MyRun system and if you need any help getting started with your system, feel free to contact the support team.

Get Started

Download this user-guide as a PDF Click Here


Assemble: Screw tube into stand base.

Clip: First slide the pod in and then down to attach it to the stand.

Power On:Press and hold power button (3sec) to start. Light ring will illuminate.

Power Off:Press and hold power button for 10 beeps, followed by 1 long beep, then release power button. If the button is released before the long beep, the pod will stay on.

Green Light Ring

Download this site as a PDF Click Here



POD STATUS At the rear side of the timing pod there are two LED status indicators displaying internet connectivity and battery level.
Your timing pod has a built-in cellular module that will automatically connect online when started.
The internal battery, when fully charged, will ensure continuous operation up to 12 hours.

Green Light Ring

POD STATUS LEDs EXPLAINED Play the video below for an eplanation of the pod status LEDs.

CHARGING Charge the pod using a standard 5V mobile phone charger, or mobile phone powerbank.
The minimum charging current is 1A (Do not use your computer to charge the Pod)

Green Light Ring


Once you have assembled the timing system, position this on the side of the finish line, slightly facing the oncoming runners, so that it is easier for the runner to bring their timing band into contact with the timing pod.

When the runners complete the race, they will scan their timing bands against the timing pod. As the timing band is scanned, the timing pod will beep and the light ring will illuminate green as confirmation of the result having been captured.

The timing pod will automatically submit the result to the myrun server and the runners time will be displayed on the website within a few seconds.

Solo Pod Layout


With one timing pod, place the pod on the left of the finish line, relative to the direction of travel

Dual Pod Layout


When timing with a dual pod setup, place one on either side of the line.

Multi Pod Layout


With multiple pods, place one on each side of the line, and others 2-3M after the line.



INSTALLThe Mobii Run App is available on both the Google Play and Apple App stores as a free download. Download the app from your app store using the links below.

LOGINOnce the Mobii Run is installed, you can login using your supplied credentials. If you have not yet received your credentials, please contact us here.

Mobii Run Login

OPEN - Assign Timing Bands
- Set start times
- View the countdown clock
- View the running clock
- Capture results

Mobii Run App Screens


Before attending an event, runners must register their details on the MyRun website. Once registered, they are allocated a timing band voucher, which they must print and take with them (or show on their phone) to collect their timing band. Each voucher has a QR code that is unique to that person. Timing bands cannot be collected without this voucher.

SCAN THEIR CODEScan the printed QR code presented to you by the runner. If the voucher is valid, you will be taken to the next step to link a timing band. If the voucher is expired or has already been used, you will be notified by the app.

Green Light Ring

LINK THE STRAPScan the QR code on the packaging of the strap, once succesful, the strap will be permanently linked to the runner. You will be prompted to complete the registration, and then be taken back to the original screen to process the next person.

Green Light Ring

ERROR MESSAGES Error messages will be shown for any of the scenarios listed below.

"Voucher has been used" - This Voucher has already been used to collect a timing band.
"Invalid Venue" - The runner is at a different venue from the one they specified during registration.
"Timing Band registered" - This timing band has previously been assigned to a participant, and cannot be reassigned.

Green Light Ring

SUCCESFUL!The runner has sucessfully completed the registration and the timing band is now permanently assigned to their profile.

You may register the next participant.

Green Light Ring


The race start times will already be preset. In most cases, you can use the built-in countdown timer to start the race. (if required, you can adjust the start times, manually.)

EDIT TIMES IN THE APPTo open the start time editor, tap the gear icon and then tap "Set Start".

Green Light Ring


The Mobii Run App can be used to time runners, in addition to a dedicated timing device. This can be useful in the event a timing reader is not charged, or the reader is left behind. To record results using your phone, click on the orange TIMING button to begin.

ANDROID DEVICESAndorid Devices support scanning with either NFC or QR Codes.

Your smartphone will need to NFC enabled. To scan using NFC, simply tap the back of your phone against the logo on the timing band. Your screen will flash green and upload the result to the MyRun Server.

For information purposes, there is a counter on the screen which shows the number of timing Bands scanned, and the number that have been uploaded. If you are not uploading tags, make sure your phone has an active data connection, is not set to flight mode and mobile data usage for the app is allowed.


Green Light Ring

iOS DEVICESiOS Devices are able to scan using
QR Codes only.

To capture a result using the QR scanner, hold the code on the timing band (found near the clasp) in view of your phone's camera. Once captured, the screen will turn green to indicate a sucessful scan.

For information purposes, there is a counter on the screen which shows the number of timing Bands scanned, and the number that have been uploaded. If you are not uploading tags, make sure your phone has an active data connection, is not set to flight mode and mobile data usage for the app is allowed.


What is the timing pod doing when it’s in “calibration” mode with the red light ring?

When the timing pod is started, it needs to make sure its time is set correctly before it can start scanning timing straps. If the time is not set correctly, then the timing data will not be accurate. To avoid incorrect timing data, the timing pod will not scan any tags before its internal time is correctly set.

During this phase, the timing pod will set its time in the following ways:

1) The timing pod will use its internal GPS module to set its internal time accurately. It does not require a full GPS fix for this. The timing pod stores satellite ephemeris data allowing it to obtain a fast connection to satellites on start-up. If however, you are indoors it is likely that it will not be able to set its time in this way because of poor signal quality.

2) If the timing pod is not able to connect to GPS satellites to set its internal time, it will instead connect online and have its time set through an NTP server managed by the MyRun system.

What happens if there is no cellular signal?

If there is no cellular network coverage in the area you are operating in, the pod will still start up, calibrate its time using GPS and be able to scan MyRun straps. It will store all these straps on its internal memory and will keep attempting to send this data automatically when a cellular connection is obtained.

When the timing pod is in an area with sufficient cellular signal, it will connect to the MyRun server automatically and send its stored timing data.

Can I connect the timing pod to local network?

Yes, you can connect the timing pod to an internet connected modem/router using an ethernet cable and the timing pod will connect to the MyRun server using the router as its internet source. The timing pod is set to obtain an IP address dynamically.

I am using Mobii’s Visual Coder to monitor and manage results live at the event. How can I connect to the timing pod directly?

Connect the timing pod to either a Mobii TCU (timing control unit) or to your local area network using ethernet cable. The timing pod will connect to your local host in the same way as all other Mobii timing equipment and is fully compatible.

Alternatively, if used as a remote timing point, the device will display accordingly in the Mobii Visual Coder.

Is the strap secure, can someone try and use a different NFC enabled chip to interact with the system?

The NFC enabled MyRun strap employs all the latest encryption and security protocols equivalent to banking security. While no system can ever fully guarantee to be secure, a high degree of steps has been taken to preserve the security of the system which is able to be upgraded on a continuous basis as new trends occur.

If a non-MyRun NFC encoded strap attempts to be scanned by the timing pod, the light ring will flash Orange to indicate that it is not a valid MyRun strap and this is rejected by the system.

If the light ring flashes red, then this will indicate that the NFC tag that attempted to be scanned by the timing pod is not programmed and will also be rejected by the system.

The runner tries to scan their MyRun strap, but the light ring does not flash green and there is no beep to confirm that the strap was identified

In the unlikely event that a strap is not being scanned by the timing pod, please use the supplied mobile app to scan the QR code on the underside of the strap itself. When the QR code is scanned, the runners time is calculated and sent to the MyRun server. The system will record this for future investigation.

I need to change the internal SIM card on the timing pod, how do I do this?

1) Remove the small bolts securing the plastic outer cover of the timing pod. The electronics remains on the stainless steel back plate.

2) Remove the electronics from the steel plate. Ensure that this is done in a clean environment.

3) Remove the battery plate from the electronics board.

4) The SIM slot is located on the electronics board to the one side, lift the latch and replace the SIM card.

5) Assemble the battery plate, secure to stainless steel plate as well as the outer plastic cover>br>
6) Ensure that the cellular providers APN is set correctly.


The LIGHT RING stays RED when the timing pod is started. It is not completing the calibration process.

When the LIGHT RING is RED, it means that it is attempting to calibrate its onboard clock using either connection to GPS satellites, or connecting online to an NTP server. This is important in order to produce accurate timing results.
By default, it will first attempt to connect to GPS satellites in order to calibrate its onboard clock and if this is not successful, then the Timing Pod will connect to an NTP server online to set its time.
The first step is to move the Timing Pod to an area where there is a clear view of the sky, once the LIGHT RING turns Blue, it can be brought back to the finish line. Alternatively, check the CONNECTIVITY status LED at the back of the unit to ensure that the Timing Pod has a connection to the MyRun server.

The Timing Device will not turn on.

It is likely the Timign Device has not been charged. You will need to connect it to a power source before attemtpting to turn it on.

The Light Ring is Blue and scanning straps, but the connectivity status LED is Red.

When the Connectivity status LED is Red, it means that the timing Pod is not able to connect to the MyRun server using the cellular network provider. It is likely that you are in a region with poor signal.
The Timing Pod will store all the timing data and as soon as it is able to connect to the cellular network provider, it will send the timing data to the MyRun server automatically.
You can continue with the race as normal, when the race is complete move the Timing Pod to an area where there is a stronger cellular signal and it will automatically connect to the MyRun server and upload the timing data.

There is a problem with the cellular network coverage in my region, is there another way to connect the Timing Pod to the MyRun server?

If you have absolutely no cellular connectivity whatsoever, the Timing Pod will still store all the timing data and send this when connected online. If you connect a network cable between the Timing Pod and an internet connected router (DHCP enabled), the Timing Pod will connect online and send all its data to the MyRun server. You can also do this after the race.

A participant is trying to scan their strap, but the Timing Pod does not seem to be reading it.

In the unlikely scenario that a strap is not being read by the Timing Pod, you can use the supplied Event Manager Mobile App to scan the QR code on the underside of the participants strap.

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