As younger generations are steering away from traditional TV, sports brands, leagues, and broadcasters are looking at new ways to engage with them. 

Mobile devices are not the only way to do so, although it is definitely the most popular one. Buzzer is a company that is strongly betting on these devices. It is a mobile platform for watching live sports –or, more specifically, parts of live games of certain sports. 

It has recently announced a partnership with the NBA, the NHL and the PGA Tour, although its goal is to build a large library of short sports content available for users to browse, buy, and purchase. For example, users at Buzzer are able to pay 99 cents for 10 minutes of the best game action of certain matches or their favorite teams and athletes. 

According to reporting from The Washington Post, Buzzer may soon add national networks and regional sports networks to its growing library. If there were a cue for regional sports to finally explore OTT to boost their visibility, this would be it. Investing in OTT is a better alternative to local broadcasting, as it broadens viewership and potentially creates interesting monetization models, like the one Buzzer is proposing. 

Likewise, it has been recently announced that NCAA athletes –those belonging to colleges– are now allowed to endorse deals, lead events or launch their own businesses and personal logos. In other words, another opportunity for OTT sports content is opening up, as colleges can explore new ways to share their matches and leverage on their athletes to reach younger audiences. 

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