Remote and on-site multi-angle live streaming for cooperative precision analyses

Code-free, robust, automated analytics

The power of true Ott combined with an event-based querying framework that lets analysts focus on analysis
instead of coding and searching.

Tag and clip events on the fly

Standardised objective data and team specific custom data are combined within a unified data model that can turn any archive or incoming stream of audio and video into fully indexed and searchable content across teams and seasons.


Analysts can run complex queries without having to download years of Match Data directly from the cloud. This allows analysts to create actionable insights on the fly without any scripting, just an initial configuration. ‚Äč


Generate Match Video Playlists with multiple camera angles at any resolution, while allowing new angles to be added long after a playlist has been created. Analysts can work immediately, and Players and Coaches can use all the video available when they view the Playlist

Our state-of-the-art smart encoder

Up to 8 camera angles in a single digital time-synchronized feed

The smart encoder is designed to transmit video over standard networking infrastructure, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of moving video, allowing for advanced features, and providing a backbone for additional services (communication and data). Users do not need special hardware to capture and view the feeds. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops can be used to stream the video from anywhere in the world.

Never miss a single second
with self-healing video

Utilizing self-healing technology, video remains time synchronized even if there is temporary break in internet conectivity.

Easy access for any amount of stakeholders anywhere on earth

Stakeholders working in-stadium
or remotely can access all live
streaming camera angles and
interact with their content.

Compatibility and ease
of deployment

The smart encoder can be rack-mounted into the stadium or directly into the OB Van, accepting HD-SDI feeds, with a Fiber SFP connector to feed the Video Streams into the stadium.

Powerful performance analytics

A reliable & Simple live streaming infrastructure paired with in-stadium, easy-to-query, remote analytics for
any and all stakeholders

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