The Motion M01 was Mobii’s first product launched onto the market in 2011 and production ended in May 2013. It's a sophisticated, high-performance GPS sport training device that was used by athletes in a wide range of sports such as running and cycling, as well as extreme sports such as motor racing and sky diving.

It had voice feedback, was completely waterproof, accurate and allowed you to overlay captured data onto video.



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Mobii has developed various applications and systems that make use of object tracking technologies that have use in a wide variety of applications.

Here are two example videos that demonstrate Computer Vision Technology developed by Mobii to accurately time a vehicle crossing a finish line.

The distance to the race line is calculated for each and every frame of the video from the absolute front edge of the bike (yellow box) to the red line indicating the finish line. By knowing the distance and time between image frames, an accurate finish time can be calculated taking into account changes in acceleration. Once the bike crosses the line, the time is interpolated so that it can a confirmed finish time can be calculated.
This patent pending technology provides precision timing and significantly reduces the overall system cost, while not requiring the rider to use a transponder.



The system can also be used to track objects on video and project these positions onto a 2D plane in order to calculate speed, distance and location information of each object.


Nova Satellite tracking in Antarctica


In late 2011, Mobii was approached to develop a compact product capable of operating in extreme sub-zero temperatures in Antarctica and to track the progress of athletes racing to the South Pole. The biggest problem faced was that there was a very tight timeline.

In just four weeks Mobii developed a completely new electronic circuit board, custom firmware, made a rapid prototyped casing, communications protocols, tested the unit to survive temperatures as low as -60 degrees centigrade and made sure that it could remain powered for 90 days.

The Nova was capable of locating GPS position data as well as connect to a wireless heart rate and body temperature sensor strap (also custom made) and send this captured data via the Iridium Satellite Network to a web server in real time.

To top it up, the product had a display and buttons, allowing the athletes to send tweets from Antarctica and let their followers get a closer appreciation of the hardships they had to endure.

Equestrian Analysis System


In early 2012, Mobii developed a variation of the Motion M01 for the purpose of assisting trainers to monitor the performance of race horses. The Motion M02 was attached to the race horses and was able to capture a wide range of metrics used to monitor the training profile of horses over time and especially in the days leading up to a race.

After training, the Motion M02 could be placed into a docking station and data would automatically be uploaded to a central server for analysis by trainers.