Since NFTs popped into the mainstream in late March, many critics predicted their popularity would fall as quickly as it had risen. 

But these registered pieces of digital assets are resilient. NFTs, which stand for non fungible tokens, have generated $2.5 billion in sales, at least until early July and according to . Athletes, celebrities, investors, collectors, art enthusiasts, and general trend followers have bought into the NFT craze. 

The interest has sparked a new, fertile industry in which many platforms offer to mint and auction off NTFs of any kind. Here’s a quick roundup of the most relevant, and the largest ticket price of each: 

Open Sea 

The most popular marketplace for NFTs to be traded and auctioned off is currently the go-to sifte for these crypto assets. In early August, it reached a YoY trading volume of $1.02 billion

  –a record breaking number. The site offers sports-related NFTs, but it mostly trades with industries like art or celebrities.

NBA Top Shot

This site sells digital trading cards of NBA players. With investors like Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan, its parent company Dapper Labs announced its latest valuation last May: $2.5 billion. LeBron James’ card as an NFT, which sold on the platform for US$200,000, still holds the record for the highest price paid for an NBA player’s digital asset.


Former Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady co-owns this site, dedicated to mint and sell exclusive NFTs from some of the most famous living athletes. Among its ranks are Tiger Woods, Naomi Osaka and Derek Jeter. Autograph works with DraftKings, a sports fantasy and betting platform. They will both release Brady’s collection of limited NFTs between Aug. 11 and 13th. 


The platform is a fantasy soccer game that sells the digital versions of famous players as NFTs. Sorare partners with some of the most famous soccer clubs worldwide, which opens up more revenue streams for these athletes. Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT sold for $$289,920 at the height of the March NFT madness. 

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