Sports tech company Mobii has unveiled a new state-of-the-art video technology and TMO/Medic review system as part of its Mobii Performance platform. The platform is off to a great start as it joins the British & Irish Lions 2021 Tour, which kicked off on July 3rd and will end by early August after an eight–match run, five of which will be warm up games.

Leveraging Mobii Connect technology, the Mobii Performance platform enables a digitized stadium environment where medical, television match officials (TMO’s), coaches, analysts and media & communications teams can seamlessly interact and collaborate with frame synchronized video on any device and at any location in the stadium.

In addition to this, Mobii has developed a new ‘self-healing’ video distribution technology that can deliver high-resolution, synchronized, multi-angle camera feeds globally in ultra-low latency, with speeds equivalent (or faster) than a single linear feed satellite broadcasting technology.

With Covid introducing new challenges with regards to lockdowns and restrictions on global travel, the platform enables remote and virtual stakeholders to interact with in-stadium stakeholders, as if they were right there in the stadium.

The Medic/TMO system is integrated directly into the Mobii Performance platform and enables Medical teams to analyse game play in real time and make important decisions regarding player welfare quickly. Medical staff can easily tag and review events, annotate, collaborate, and share these seamlessly with all on-site team members and remote medical staff monitoring from anywhere in the world.

TMO’s finally take control as they can review incidents themselves without relying on directors in the television broadcast truck, or 3rd party service providers. Every camera angle is made available in real-time, providing an unrivalled perspective of game play. Software, featuring a comprehensive set of professional tools, enable referees to find and review any action taking place on the field and make critical match decisions quickly.

While the platform utilizes CMAF formats for primary distribution, it is also capable of supporting a range of different video protocols such as SRT and RTMP to integrate with various 3rd party systems.

Multi-angle video content is captured and stored in the Mobii Connect cloud, enabling new workflows in high-performance analytics and video on demand (VOD) applications.

“Our team has worked extensively to integrate our Mobii Connect technology into our high-performance vertical and we have been evaluating the system in real match conditions in local tournaments over the past six months. This is an incredibly powerful platform and we have only just started unlocking its capabilities. We are very pleased that our technology is powering a pinnacle event such as the British & Irish Lions Tour and the reaction has been incredible”, said Brendan Barrett, CTO of Mobii.

“We are now introducing the platform to global sports organizations and our next focus will be on utilizing this technology in fan engagement platforms, where fans can direct their own multi-angle video experience.”, he continues.

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