Blue Label fitness initiative “myrun” taps Mobii Timing solution for community fun runs

Blue Label Telecoms subsidiary “my fitness”, owners of weekly community timed event organiser “myrun”, has announced a strategic partnership with sports race timing technology start-up Mobii Systems, ensuring myrun’s community of over 23, 000 registered runners at 33 venues enjoy seamless, state-of-the-art entry and results processes.

myrun’s free, timed 2.5KM and 5KM “fun runs” (with the option to walk) are held every Sunday morning at safe, convenient venues such as parks, hotels, nature reserves and wine estates across the country, encouraging a healthy lifestyle by unifying like-minded people of all ages, regardless of fitness level, around a community site of exercise. Discovery Vitality members can earn up to 300 points for every myrun course completed.

Cape Town-based sports technology company Mobii Systems’ “Drop-and-Go” timing technology is employed at each event; simultaneously timing participants in either the 2.5KM or 5KM course, and delivering their finishing time and position instantly upon finishing. Participants register online via the myrun website before the event and collect their unique personal timing band at the start of their first run, which is linked to their myrun profile and to Discovery Vitality, promising a reliable and accurate result for that and every subsequent myrun event at any venue.

“It’s very exciting to see our technology contributing towards health and positive lifestyles, as part of Discovery’s world leading wellness programme,” says Richard Hartley, CEO of Mobii Systems. Mobii is emerging as a strong player in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) era and Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace, developing hardware and software performance measurement solutions for a wide range of sporting activities.

“When it came to choosing a technology partner, being a sponsorship-driven business, we have obligations both to our sponsors and to the community week-in and week-out to deliver results, and we needed a partner that could guarantee we would be able to deliver that,” says myrun MD Leigh Buckle.

Timing has to be accurate and our participants need guaranteed results. Front-end and back-end support for the events is imperative, and Mobii provides it effortlessly.”

When a myrun finisher touches their wrist-worn Discovery Vitality-branded timing band to a prominent timing pod on the finish line, “NFC” (Near-field Communications) technology works to capture the finishing time and deliver it via a cellular-enabled modem to Mobii’s servers for real-time processing and publication to the myrun website. Participants are immediately able to log on to the website, or the Mobii Race Results app on a smartphone, and learn their race time.

“myrun is a community-centric organisation making use of volunteers with little knowledge of setting up events, timing technology and results compilation, so we needed a piece of technology and a platform that is simple to set up, simple to understand and simple to manage, but yet rich in terms of its ability to deliver an end-to-end solution plugging into Discovery Vitality for points allocation,” says Buckle. Mobii’s solution automatically delivers data into the Vitality system, eliminating human error and costly administrative resources. “What makes myrun different from other similar timed events is that we run several concurrent events on a Sunday at over 30 venues across South Africa, where each event needs to be timed and the results presented individually.”

“myrun is South Africa’s fastest growing sports community-based fitness movement. Our solution is stress-tested every week, and one thing that differentiates us from the others is that our timing technology ensures real-time, accurate results and as a result our events are professionally and expertly run. The technology is agile, so as we add more functionality, and the demand for more venues and participants grows, the platform can scope up and accommodate this. We chose Mobii owing to the professionalism at every single event. They have proven their technology globally and it has always just worked for us, we did not have a choice but to ensure that it works. We had one chance to get it right,” concludes Buckle.

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