The concept of fluidity has slowly but steadily become a part of the Millennial and Gen Z vocabulary in recent years. It comes from the idea of flowing; letting oneself go and using all things available to experience things fully. You can see the term ‘gender fluidity’ used in expressions of diversity, which is so often exemplified by audiences within this age range. 

But there is another area where fluidity can be perceived: technology. Each social media platform based on technology requires users to be able to seamlessly flow from each one and express themselves there –whether it is through photographs, texts, videos, or even videogames. 

These easy-to-use platforms prompt conversations that also flow from a virtual environment to a real-life experience, and sometimes even turn into movements or stepping-stones for Gen Z or Millenial fans.

This is why it’s so important for brands and creators to stay frequently engaged with these platforms and the users that are active in them. Understanding the way they flow between platforms and then from one to real-life is a gamechanger. 

And realizing that content owners and distributors can leverage on different types of content among these platforms –social media streams, real-life sports coverage, or even the live stream of a massive event– makes for a great way of monetization and engagement with fans in the fluid tech era. 

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