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Gaining global momentum

At the center of Mobii's philosophy lies our mantra: “Never stop moving”. It has been the driving force behind our 13-year journey to improve sports technology.

Now, this force has propelled us from South Africa, our birthplace, to America, Pacific, Europe and the United Kingdom regions. We are ready and willing to immerse ourselves in the global market so we can learn, deliver the best sports technology experiences, and never stop moving

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Greg Schultz


Entrepreneurial leader and tactical change agent offering 20+ years of international experience optimizing businesses through innovation, complex deal structuring, and strategic planning; proven ability to drive results and increase profitability. Prolific business builder and collaborative executive with combination of professional drive, business acumen, and common-sense approach; industrious powerhouse who develops future leaders and positions organizations to achieve sustainable growth

His pastimes include Golf, Mountainbiking and Scuba Diving as well as his love of the Outdoors.


Roderick Barrett


Roderick is co-founder and CEO of Mobii Systems (Pty) Ltd. He holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce (IS) from the University of Cape Town and spent much of his early career in the technology sector in Sweden.

At Mobii, he has built a highly specialised team and created an environment where disruptive technologies have emerged, almost at will. Roderick steers overall direction of the company and works with the hardware engineering and design teams on new product development. Outside of Mobii, Roderick enjoys Sailing, Hiking and Trail running.


Brendan Barrett


Brendan is co-founder and CTO of Mobii Systems (Pty) Ltd, and holds a Bachelor degree in Business Science (IS)(Hons) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He is deeply involved in technology at Mobii, helping to steer development direction across all Mobii’s product lines with a focus on Mobii’s customers and target markets.

Outside of Mobii, Brendan has a keen interest in the Outdoors, including Hiking, Running, Paddling, Cycling and Scuba Diving.



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We’re looking to expand our Global efforts and are currently offering our technology for distribution.

Mobii will join the British & Irish Lions 2021 Tour to improve players’ performance with new platform

Mobii will join the British & Irish Lions 2021 Tour to improve players’ performance with new platform

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The best ways to measure performance analytics

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