You know the stats: almost 54% of all ad spending in the US goes into digital marketing, according to Statista. That leaves a share of 17% for national television, 7% for local television, and almost the same figure for newspapers and magazines. So, when it comes to choosing where to place your ad dollars, the choice is very clear. 
The end of the pandemic is nowhere in sight, so reimagining certain industries is not a suggestion anymore. It is an imperative. 

Some industries have it less complicated than others. The sports industry is one of them. For way long before 2020, the way sports fans interact with their favorite teams or players has been transforming. For example, the use of social media and merchandising deals have become pathways to a more meaningful and engaged interaction between them.

Since NFTs popped into the mainstream in late March, many critics predicted their popularity would fall as quickly as it had risen. 

But these registered pieces of digital assets are resilient. NFTs, which stand for non fungible tokens, have generated $2.5 billion in sales, at least until early July and according to . Athletes, celebrities, investors, collectors, art enthusiasts, and general trend followers have bought into the NFT craze.

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