Bringing sports
to life.

From community-driven events,
to high-performance team analysis.

Building our own hardware
and software.

Vertically integrated tech-stack,
firmware design & cloud-based platforms.

Taking match analysis
further than the field.

Interactive reporting & metric-powered team discussions,
advancing match planning sessions & performance.

A complete race timing solution combining hardware technology with a software platform, transforming sports events into experiences for athletes and spectators alike.


Stratus gives sports teams, managers, coaches, medical personnel and referees the data, tools and insights to help them plan their strategy and perform at their best.

Teams Tracked
Players Tracked
Data Points


Mobii began life as a "garage" project in 2007, harnessing a small team of talented engineers around a common vision to enhance and advance sporting experiences through technology. The company grew quickly, designing and manufacturing hardware in-house, from the ground up, with a vertically integrated tech-stack approach, encompassing firmware design and cloud-based platforms.

2013 saw Mobii on-boarding SA Rugby, building for them what has now become the industry-leading Stratus platform which uses video and data coding to produce fully customized, highly detailed reports quantifying player, referee and medical personnel performances, enabling coaches and team administrators to analyse, strategise and take teams to their peak, as well as engage richly with fans at venues and at home.

Mobii’s dedication to both hardware and software continues to advance Mobii Timing, an end-to-end software offering backed by a complete range of “drop-and-go” NFC, UHF and Active tag systems used to time races, large and small, amateur and professional. Our next milestone is the release of second generation, solar-powered Active Tag technology⁠—a world-first, ideally suited to measuring complex, mass participant sports such as triathlons, motor-racing and skiing.

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